Employer responsibilities

It is a legal requirement that employers ensure the safety of their workers in accordance with state and federal occupational health and safety standards. Employers are legally required to obtain a workers’ compensation insurance policy to cover any injuries their employees may incur. They must also take steps to ensure the safety of their staff. […]

Social Media and Workers’ Compensation

Insurance companies increasingly rely on private investigators to evaluate the activity of injured workers. These investigators are trained to examine all aspects of your life, including your online presence. As such, posting anything on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can lead to a more thorough investigation. Remember that this can be used […]


After a workplace injury, getting the benefits you need can be complicated. For instance, your doctor may not agree to the care you need, or your employer may question your eligibility for benefits. In this case, you will need a qualified medical evaluator to provide you with an independent medical opinion. This is to help […]

How to prevent accidents in the construction industry

The construction industry is a high-risk environment, and accidents can have serious consequences for workers and the company. To reduce the risk of accidents, employers must take steps to protect their employees by implementing effective safety measures. This includes providing adequate training to maintain a safe work environment and ensuring that all safety equipment works […]

Hearing loss

Hearing loss is a condition caused by damage to the small cells in the inner ear or by damaged connections between the inner ear and the brain. Hearing loss can significantly impact a person’s life, from difficulty hearing speech and other sounds to feelings of isolation. Today, in many industries, workers are at risk of […]


Losing a limb is a traumatic event with a profound impact. This experience radically changes the way you face life since you have to adapt to new ways of carrying out activities. Additionally, you have to overcome the loss and sadness associated with this situation. The California Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board (WCAB) has defined an […]

Reasons a workers’ compensation claim can be denied

Workers’ compensation is designed to protect those people who have been injured while on the job. When a worker is injured and files a compensation claim, he hopes that it will have a positive outcome, he hopes that medical treatment and monetary compensation will help improve his health and quality of life. Unfortunately, just filing […]

Modified Work

A work injury can leave you disabled in such a way that you cannot resume your work and life as before. If so, your employer must offer you a reassignment if your disability prevents you from working in your previous position. This practice ensures that employees who become disabled after an injury, such as a […]

Exposed to Toxic Substances?

On-the-job injuries are often obvious injuries, broken bones, open wounds, or burns, but other injuries are less obvious. People who work with chemicals or other materials and are exposed to them on a regular basis can seriously affect their health. This includes those who work in manufacturing plants or laboratories, as well as those who […]

Work Stress

The modern workplace has become an increasingly dangerous place for physical, psychological, and emotional injuries. California law provides coverage for all types of injuries sustained on the job including mental illness but only if your work injury is truly related to your job and not related to your personal life, you may be entitled to […]