Truck Driver v. Food Distribution Company

Male truck driver in his 50’s suffered a specific injury to several orthopedic body parts during the scope and course of his employment when the truck he was a passenger in delivery bound swerved off the road and flipped to its side


Sales Representative v. Employer

Male Sales Agent in his 50’s sustained orthopedic injuries in a motor vehicle accident in the course and scope of driving for work.


Book Keeper v. Store

Female full charge bookkeeper in her 50’s submitted a claim for cumulative trauma injuries to her neck, back, upper extremities, lower extremities, stress, anxiety and gastrointestinal issues.


Office Assistant Clerk v. School

Female office clerk in her 30’s tripped and fell at the school office during work hours over a hard wire taped onto the floor. Her claim included grievances for orthopedic injuries, as well as neurological complaints, such as headaches.


Social Service Supervisor v. Healthcare Facility

Female social services assignee in her 50’s suffered a cumulative trauma injury to her neck, upper extremities, left hand, back and left leg and ankle after working for her employer for over 11 years in the same job position.


HVAC Technician v. Heating & Air Conditioning Company

Male technician in his 30’s sustained a specific injury to his arm, wrist, back, leg and knee after tripping and falling while walking on a mezzanine of a commercial building at his job site. Applicant landed on his feet, lost his balance and fell backwards, fracturing his arm and knee


Chauffeur v. Transportation Service

Male driver in his 40’s sustained orthopedic injuries to several body parts including his neck, back, shoulders, arms, wrists and hands due to repetitive job duties without appropriate rest breaks for relief from pressures of job.


Ultrasound Tech v. Hospital Facility

An ultrasound technician in her 30’s suffered orthopedic injuries to multiple body parts (including her shoulders, arms, neck, back and lower extremities) due to her stressful and overbearing job conditions as a medical tech.


Dishwasher v. Restaurant

Undocumented male dishwasher in his 40’s twisted his ankle on mat while washing dishes. In the course of the claim it was discovered that he has uncontrolled diabetes, ultimately leading to amputation of his sprained foot below the knee.


Mobile Crane Operator v. Construction Company

Male crane worker in his 40’s suffered debilitating injuries to multiple body parts, including his neck, back, knees and lower extremities. His injuries were the result of a cumulative trauma caused by his repetitive job duties involving lifting and moving heavy materials around a construction site.


Travel Advisor v. Local Travel Agency

Female travel advisor in her 50’s sustained a mild heart attack after work hours due to ongoing stressors at work and overwhelming repetitive job duties.


Rene G. v. Food Delivery Company

Male delivery porter in his 40’s sustained cumulative trauma injury to his Back.


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Julie is an absolutely great lawyer, she is really good at her job. Julie kept me informed every step of the way in my workers’ compensation case and I was never left not knowing what was happening in my case. Her main priority was always making sure I felt better with the treatment I was receiving, before anything else. Thank you!

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