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Gone are the days when you felt dismissed or forgotten by your own Attorney’s office whom you hired to help you… The most important part of any law firm is the values they carry and the people they have working there to shape your customer experience.

At Julie O Law you will get to experience first hand what it means to be with a caring client-focused firm.

Our TEAM’S core mission is to help you get what you truly deserve and that’s the maximum in benefits and monetary compensation.

Your win is our win


At Julie O Law, your win is our win! Our professional and experienced team works hand in hand with you to make sure we achieve your desired result. No win, no fees!

There is no US with you and your success. We as Attorneys never charge you a single penny if you don’t win the case. We only get paid the moment we help you secure a monetary award or settlement in your case. 

Our Attorney Fees are statutorily set on a contingency basis at 15%. You heard that right! Only 15% in attorney fees for unlimited guidance and support to win your case.

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At Julie O Law


Who is
Julie Oktanyan?

She is more than just an attorney. She is so much more. 

Julie is the principal and lead trial attorney at Julie O Law, APC.

In her legal field, Julie has over and over proven herself to be one of the best when it comes to representing the injured. Here’s why.

Julie has over 20 years’ combined legal experience as an attorney in Workers’ Compensation and Personal Injury matters. 

She established her first firm, Oktanyan Der-Grigorian Law Group (“ODG Law Group”), in May 2011, with her youngest sister, Leanna Der-Grigorian, who became her partner. After a successful 10 year partnership together, Julie separated in December 2021, to spearhead her own independent firm to represent injured workers with catastrophic workplace injuries involving Orthopedic, Internal, Psychiatric/Stress and Neurological/Mild Traumatic Brain Injury complaints. 

On her free time, Julie is an active participant in the California Lawyers Association, Workers’ Compensation Division; and, the California Applicant Attorneys’ Association (“CAAA”), a primary organization dedicated to the cause of injured workers in California. She volunteers her time and knowledge to serve on four committees including the Women’s and Latino Caucuses, and the Education and Emerging Issues Committees.

She is happily married with three adolescent children. She enjoys freelance writing, motivational speaking, hiking, and traveling.


During her tenure at ODG Law Group, Julie exhibited extraordinary leadership as the Managing Partner. With Julie’s contribution and zealous legal advocacy for the firm, she secured over $30 million in settlements for her clients in those 10 years.  

Prior to her experience at ODG Law Group, Julie practiced as a civil defense attorney for two prestigious law firms in Downtown, Los Angeles and Woodland Hills. Her prior legal experience at these firms encompassed defending insurance companies in serious and high exposure matters ranging from product liability, premises liability, construction defect, and automobile and truck accidents.

Julie’s passion to advocate for others fuels every step she takes. To know her is to love her, for she will inspire you and stand up for you, that’s a promise! Her relenting spirit, grit and fierce litigation style has resulted in countless victories for her clients in acquired medical benefits, treatment, future medical care, and top six-figure settlements. 

With Julie by your side, you don’t stand the chance to lose.

She will always lead you in the right direction to victory.