Stress-Induced Injuries

At Julie O Legal, we understand that work-related stress can have severe consequences for both physical and mental health. What Are Stress-Induced Injuries? Stress-induced injuries refer to health problems that result from prolonged exposure to stressful situations in the workplace. These can include physical disorders such as cardiovascular diseases, as well as psychological issues like […]

Injuries from Biological Hazards in the Workplace

We know biological hazard injuries at work can be physically and economically devastating. What are Biological Hazard Injuries? Biological hazard injuries result from exposure to biological agents such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, or parasites. How Do Biological Hazard Injuries Occur? Biological hazard injuries occur when workers come into contact with biological agents in their work […]

Heat Exposure Injuries

Summer in California can be relentless, posing a significant health risk to workers who labor outdoors or in poorly ventilated environments. Heat exposure injuries are a reality for many workers, and knowing your rights and how to obtain the compensation you deserve is essential. What Are They and Who Is Most at Risk? Heat exposure […]

Back Injuries from Lifting Objects at Work

Back injuries are one of the most common causes of pain and disability in the workplace. In California, workers injured by lifting heavy objects on the job may be entitled to workers’ compensation. How Do Back Injuries Occur? Back injuries can occur in various ways, including: Incorrect lifting: Using improper lifting techniques, such as lifting […]

A Safe Working Environment: Your Right as an Employee

At Julie O Legal, we are passionate about defending the rights of injured workers in California. All employees deserve to work in a safe and healthy environment. Unfortunately, not all employers fulfill their obligation to provide a safe workplace. This can result in severe injuries and even the death of workers. As a worker in California, you […]

What You Need to Know About Suing Your Employer

Have you been injured at work, and your employer is not providing you the compensation you deserve? At Julie O Legal, we understand how challenging it can be to face a workplace injury, especially when your employer is not cooperating. That’s why we want to help you understand your rights and the steps you can […]

Discriminated Due to an Injury?

Discrimination is one of the most challenging aspects individuals may face after a workplace injury. What is workplace injury discrimination? It refers to any adverse action an employer takes against an employee due to a work-related injury or illness. This may include: Is workplace injury discrimination illegal? Yes, workplace injury discrimination is illegal in California. […]

Negotiating Settlements

At Julie O Law, we specialize in helping injured workers in California obtain the maximum possible compensation for their injuries. An essential part of this process is negotiating settlements with insurance companies. What is a settlement? A settlement is a legal contract that resolves a workers’ compensation case. In a settlement, the injured worker agrees […]

How to Appeal a Denial?

If your compensation has been denied, don’t give up. You have options to appeal the decision. Step 1: Understand the Reason for the Denial The first step is to understand why your compensation has been denied. The denial letter should indicate the specific reason. Some of the most common reasons are: Step 2: Gather Additional […]

Ensuring a Safe Work Environment: Shared Responsibility

All workers have the right to a safe work environment. Workplace safety protects employees’ health and physical integrity and benefits businesses by increasing productivity, reducing costs, and boosting morale. Employer Responsibility Implementing a safety program: This program should identify potential risks, establish control measures, and train employees. Providing adequate personal protective equipment: Equipment should be appropriate for […]