Delayed Claims

Have you filed a claim and still don’t have an answer?

Being delayed while filing a workers’ compensation claim can cause a lot of anguish and emotional stress, in the process of filing a compensation claim several delays often occur, mostly due to the lack of training of the employer on the processes and procedures in cases of accidents in the workplace.

How long does it take?

After you have filed your claim, the employer has a maximum of 90 days to make a decision on the claim. However, there is the possibility of some other delay, usually from the insurance companies as they conduct a detailed investigation of the injury.

Do I have a right to medical care while I wait for a decision?

While your claim is pending, you are still entitled to the medical care necessary to treat your injuries. After submitting the claim form, the insurance company must provide you with medical assistance within one business day and pay up to $10,000 in medical care expenses, even if your claim is ultimately denied.

The employer or claims administrator must inform you of the status of your claim. If within 90 days you do not receive notification of the status of the claim, it will be assumed that your injury is covered and the claim has been accepted.

Seek legal advice

It is important that you have a qualified lawyer in this matter, who will help you navigate this process more easily, so that you can obtain the compensation you deserve and need.

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