Exposed to Toxic Substances?

On-the-job injuries are often obvious injuries, broken bones, open wounds, or burns, but other injuries are less obvious. People who work with chemicals or other materials and are exposed to them on a regular basis can seriously affect their health. This includes those who work in manufacturing plants or laboratories, as well as those who […]

Work Stress

The modern workplace has become an increasingly dangerous place for physical, psychological, and emotional injuries. California law provides coverage for all types of injuries sustained on the job including mental illness but only if your work injury is truly related to your job and not related to your personal life, you may be entitled to […]

What to do if you are injured while working from home

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more employees are working from home. A large portion of the workforce is employed in positions that can be performed remotely, and since accidents can happen anywhere, getting injured while working from home would not be unusual. Seek Medical Help It is necessary to seek professional […]

Delayed Claims

Have you filed a claim and still don’t have an answer? Being delayed while filing a workers’ compensation claim can cause a lot of anguish and emotional stress, in the process of filing a compensation claim several delays often occur, mostly due to the lack of training of the employer on the processes and procedures […]